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Ok - this section is for all you guitar nuts. I will confess to the disease myself. For a long time I bought and sold old gear. Back in the dark ages, there were no books on the subject, just a few possessed people like me trading info and digging around at yard sales, pawn shops, music stores - where ever there was a scent of a neato toy. We hadn't heard the sacred word vintage, yet. It was just old guitars and amps and whatever stuff seemed cool and had the right twang. Of course it all caught on and prices went thru the roof and the fun factor disappeared about the time 50's teles started selling for more than a decent used Volkswagen. Well, its just too strange anymore. However if you go thru the gear list at dovecreekstudios you will see I managed to hold onto a few little gems along the way.

live and recording here is mostly what I play

2006 Eichelbaum Nick Lucas. 13 frets to body and an unbelievable guitar! The new recording guitar of choice. It's the guitar on the front of the cover of Ranunculus ( no that is NOT a "photoshoped" picture!) It is also the guitar used to record Mary Murphy's Three Hand Reel

2007 Eichelbaum OM- traditional- a recreation of a prewar om-18.

1946 Gibson J45 - a beast of a neck and a one piece back. It has been thru the wars but it loves the microphone. This is the acoustic guitar on 95% of all the recordings I've made till Mary Murphy's Three Hand Reel .

1927 Weissenborn style 1 - it has book matched dry rot on the sides… it looks like its about to explode from string tension. Come to think of it has looked that way since 1983 when I bought it.

1991 Style O wood bodied National made for me by two of the nicest guys in the guitar business -Don and Mac at National Resophonic. Thanks again guys!

1962 Fender Telecaster with 1958 neck - affectionately know as "red dawg"

1955 gibson es175 - a.k.a. "fat girl" - this is a term of extreme endearment and no I am not trying to be politically incorrect.

late 90's 2 pickup danelectro tuned to dadf#ad for slide.


1964 fender deluxe reverb. I've had this thing for forever. Best $114.27 I ever spent. That was also about how much I owed the electric company at the time.

Early 50's Gibson Skylark. Soon to be featured on a new Brazos band release

I confess to being a tremolo geek so I carry around a mike fuller supratrem Occasionally a mike fuller fulldrive and always an old boss analogue delay

I am a firm believer in John Pearse stings for both acoustic and electric strings. I really don't like the sound of any brand of strings new, so the fact that John's strings mellow out after a couple of hours and stay sounding that way for a long time after is really great for me.

Glass slides please! G7th capos Shubb Pearse bar for the lap guitars

b-band pickups in the acoustics

Nuff said ... Please check out some of the tunes. Thanks!

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